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Joint Care

Joint Care

22 total reviews

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Vet Approved & Rated 'Excellent'

Made in the UK with Natural Ingredients

These tasty duck flavoured treats promote free and easy movement to help your canine friend to stay active. Packed with high-quality ingredients, these soft chews combine glucosamine and vitamins C & E to maintain joint mobility and strength, as well as soothing stiffness to keep your dog on the move.

• Support an active lifestyle for your dog
• Tasty duck flavoured soft chews
• Formulated with the highest quality ingredients

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    Tasty & Easy to Chew

    We know it’s not easy to get your dog to swallow pills and capsules, so we’ve added all the ingredients needed for healthy joints to these tasty duck flavoured chews.

    Support Joint Health

    Our Joint Care chews have been formulated to maintain joint mobility so your pooch can stay active!

    Soothe Aching Joints

    These chews are packed with the highest quality omega 3 fish oil to soothe stiff, aching joints and control inflammation.

    Reduce Inflammation

    We’ve also added vitamins C and E which are both important antioxidants for dogs that help to reduce inflammation and potentially harmful free radicals in your pet's body.

    Simple and tasty

    Our products pack the highest quality ingredients, proven to improve the health of dogs, into tasty chews that your pooch will wolf down and keep coming back for more.

    Any time of the day

    Our chews can be taken at any time of the day and have been designed to be used in combination with one another to help your dog get all the benefits of each.

    For all sizes

    Suitable for all sized dogs over the age of 9 months. We recommend one chew per day for smaller dogs (up to 10kg), two chews per day for medium-sized dogs (11-20kg) and three chews per day for large dogs (over 20kg).

    3 signs your dog might need Joint Care

    Spending more time sleeping

    Suffering from joint pain can be uncomfortable and exhausting for your dog so they may spend more time sleeping instead of playing and walking.

    Reluctant to play

    Dogs in pain don’t like to be bothered so if your dog has been spending a lot of time alone or has stopped following you around, it may be suffering from joint stiffness or pain.

    Struggles to keep up on a walk

    Another sign of joint pain or stiffness is not being able to keep up with your on a walk. If your once energetic pet is now lagging behind you or isn’t interested in chasing things around anymore, it may be due to painful or swollen joints.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Michele Archbold
    Dogs did not like

    Couldn’t get 2 of my 3 dogs to eat then

    Pamela Mayfield
    My dog won’t touch them!

    I bought a packet of Duck for joints and salmon probiotic. My dog will not tough either. When I tried to put a tiny bit in her mouth, thinking if she tasted them she’d like them , you would have thought she’d eaten a lemon ! I did email to ask for a sample but that was a no. They Should send out samples- even just one of each!
    Bet this review doesn’t get published as it doesn’t fit with the ones on the site that I read!

    Great product!

    Really helped my dog after only a week or two, he’s much more playful and energetic now! Also helps these are little chews rather than tablets my dog loves to eat these, gone in seconds!

    Phil Wood

    My dog loves them


    I am sure that these would be great, if your dog will happily eat anything. Mine wont. She sniffed around them and flat out refuses to entertain even putting them in her mouth. I cant comment further because she wont touch them.